Free access to PIP services now available

New State-funded Scheme allows mortgage holders in arrears free access to a PIP

If you are insolvent and in arrears on your home mortgage you could be eligible for a FREE consultation with a PIP. This is available as part of a new State-funded Scheme to help distressed mortgage holders. The PIP will seek to identify a solution to resolve the borrower’s debt problems, keeping them in their home where it is possible to do so. We are an approved provider of this scheme. Contact us now to take advantage of it.

Personal insolvency legilsation allows you to tackle your debts typically through  easy to manage, monthly payment. As a firm of Personal Insolvency Practitioners, we offer jargon free, professional advice to help you find solutions to debt. Our authorised staff have extensive experience in this field, and we pride ourselves on making sure our clients get the best advice possible. Click here, to take action now, and start exploring your options.

For further information on the Insolvency Service of Ireland, and how they are positively shaping the personal debt landscape, check out their new infosite: 

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Irish Insolvency Legislations

The landscape in Ireland has changed immeasurably over the last decade, with unprecedented growth and subsequent stagnation. The effect on personal finances has been devastating and the historic bankruptcy legistlation has not been user friendly.

Changes have now been made, and with the launch of the Insolvency Service of Ireland, new legislation now exists to allow individuals to deal with excessive financial pressures.

Three core schemes have been launched, each targeting individuals with different debt profiles. Core to each offering is the engagement of newly created Personal Insolvency Practitioners, experienced professionals who have the remit of working with you to identify and implement appropriate debt solutions.

AMI can help you navigate the various schemes available and access the most appropriate based on your circumstances. We do not believe in making a scheme fit you - we help you find the right solution.

Browse our website for further information on our products and services, and utilise our calculator function to identify what might be an appropriate option for you. We would be happy to discuss any financial matters with you by phone or email, with no obligation on you. Simple, straight forward debt help.

How We Work

Every piece of advice we offer, is tailored to your situation. All of our staff are experienced debt specialists and understand the pressures and challenges of managing excessive debt. We are always approachable and believe in building long term relationships with our clients.

Our Staff

With over 50 years of debt expertise across our team, we are specialists in understanding and addressing debt and insolvency. Our business has been based on growing trust and long-term relationships. As a team, we are always approachable and your initial point of contact can remain your contact for the duration of any engagement you have with us.