Engage with an Approved Intermediary (“AI”) who will undertake a fact find, and determine your eligibility for the scheme. If appropriate, an application will be made to the Insolvency Service of Ireland. On acceptance, the Court will issue a DRN.
Your DRN will be subject to a three year supervision. You are expected to keep your AI informed of all material changes to your circumstances, and comply with information requests.
If you comply with the terms of the DRN, all specified debts will be written off at the end of the three year supervision period. Once completed, your entry on the Public Register in respect of the DRN will be removed.

Debt Relief Notice

The Debt Relief Notice (“DRN”) is to give relief from debt to people who are in debt and have little or no disposable income or assets which they could use to repay what they owe. The qualifying debts they owe cannot exceed €20,000. The DRN process enables eligible insolvent debtors to write off their debts where they can prove they are not in a position to repay them and it is unlikely their financial situation will improve in the next 3 years.

Is This Service For You?

This product is intended for for customers meeting the following criteria:

  • Less than €20,000 debt

  • Unsecured debt only

  • Assets of less than €400

  • Disposable monthly income of less than €60

If your circumstances don’t match the above criteria we may still be able to help you. View our other services to find out more.

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